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Whistleblower and ex Lambeth Councillor Anna Tapsell has spoken out about a cover-up inside Lambeth Council which she believes was set out to protect politicians' reputations following allegations of abuse at a children's home. She had campaigned against the sexual abuse of children in Lambeth care homes and Police stations for over 20 years. Tapsell also complained about Clive Driscoll's removal  from the Lambeth investigation and she said she was also visited and 'warned off' by a senior Police officer.





Whilst conducting a 1998 inquiry into allegations of abuse in children's homes in Lambeth in the 1980s, Clive Driscoll  was passed a list of suspects' names which included politicians that he wanted to investigate as well as finding out about the corruption in Lambeth and south London children's homes.  When he brought the information to light he was removed from the case. After this, the Police continued to look into 20 more children's homes but the results are yet to be published.  Driscoll was also told that children from Shirley Oaks had been murdered and buried on the grounds. 





42 year old Bulic Forsythe was beaten to death in his flat; a murder that hasn't resolved in over 21 years. The press and our investigations show that he was murdered because he unravelled the corruption that was surrounding an elite paedophile ring that was operating in south London children's homes, Lambeth Council and the Government. The Council disagree with this statement by saying it was a 'local issue' to do with a sound system which seems highly irregular. 




Teresa Johnston

Teresa Johnston started off working in Shirley Oaks and then she became the group manager of many children's homes where abuse had taken place. Her efforts to expose the perpetrators must be applauded but at the time the elements within the council who were connected to the abusers sort out to destroy and discredit her. It is not surprising that she struggled at times to cope with the pressure because she had no one from Lambeth to turn to to do the right thing. She was responsible for exposing two of the biggest paedophiles. Thank you Teresea for your help.




The Mirror uncovered claims of a cover-up when one of Tony Blair's ministers suspected of being part of a child sex ring in Lambeth in the 1980's. Tom Pettifor, The Daily Mirror's chief crime correspondent has been following the stories of child sex abuse in Lambeth for many years. Pettifor broke the news around Shirley Oaks at the time Alex Wheatle came forward about his abuse whilst in the care of Lambeth Council. 






Acclaimed author Alex Wheatle, a victim of abuse whilst in the Lambeth Care system states, ‘We have been forced to form this group because of the failures to take our allegations seriously. We would like to see those who have committed these crimes and those who have failed in their care of duty to extremely vulnerable children, to be made responsible and accountable for their abject neglect’.





Bill is one of the UK's most daring child abuse campaigners. He and his siblings were in Shirley Oaks children's home and were physically and sexually abused by its staff. Since leaving the children's home he has been an avid campaigner who has been raising awareness of abuse survivors and corruption. Bill's radical campaigning makes him a thorn in the establishment's side. 




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